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Introducing the WORK EMOTION ZR10 2P

イメージ画像Evolution of the WORK EMOTION

The Work Emotion has been constantly evolving to keep fighting in the racing scene.
In the process of its evolution, the Work Emotion has taken street style and achieved sophisticated fitments.
It is destined to be a pioneer for customization needs.
Changing its appearance with time, the Work Emotion will never stop evolving and will keep moving forward.

With the evolution of beauty and strength, the WORK EMOTION ZR10 2P is now available.

イメージ画像Glim Black (GTK)


イメージ画像Azure White (AZW)

イメージ画像Titanium bronze (HG)

イメージ画像The rib shape on the side of the spoke, which is also used on a racing wheel, is proof of a highly rigid wheel.
Using the beautiful round disk, the concave design is emphasized even further, and the radiating 10 spokes are excellent in dispersing stresses.

イメージ画像"WORK EMOTION" and "ZR10 2P" are subtly designed in casted characters.
WAE【WORK ADVANCED EDITION】・・・This is an engraving only used on wheels that are specially developed with lightness and high rigidity using Work's analysis technology.

イメージ画像The spokes reach the inside of the center area to make them look longer.
Shaving the horizontal wall around the P.C.D. and the vertical wall inside the P.C.D. hole makes the wheel lighter.
This makes the ZR10 2P one of the lightest wheels in the WORK EMOTION 2P series while achieving the longest spoke and deepest lip in the series.

イメージ画像The center area has been carefully designed.

Featuring holes around the P.C.D. designed to make the wheel lighter as much as possible, the PCD area is made one step lower than the disk design surface to eliminate extra thickness and improve weight distribution.

The following settings are available as options.

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Black anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Matte black anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Bronze alumite rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Matte bronze anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Option
Cut Anodized Rim (17 / 16-inch at no extra cost)

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Brushed rim

イメージ画像Custom order plan: Semi-order color
Disk color can be selected from 12 different colors.

Click here for semi-order color option.

イメージ画像Semi Order Color: Ashed Titanium (AHG2)

イメージ画像Semi Order Color: Mat Carbon ( MGM)

イメージ画像" Available in a wide variety of PCD to fit your vehicle.

Range: 5H-98-120.65"

In addition to the semi-order colors, 5 disc colors, 2 asterism colors, and 3 candy colors are available. (Optional)

About colorism

About Asterism

About candy color

イメージ画像COLORism: Hornet Yellow ( UY)

イメージ画像 10 optional center caps enable dramatic color change on
your car body and the impression of the wheels.

The wheel comes with gloss stickers that are also available in ZR10.
*Optional color stickers are also available.















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