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Introducing the CRAG CKV

イメージ画像The CRAG CKV is an active gear that dresses up your compact SUV giving a more dynamic feeling, which makes you feel going out for city driving.

イメージ画像Black Machining Polish Finish(BCC)

It is exclusively engineered for 4-lug vehicles. With its even 8-crossing mesh center, the CRAG CKV achieves the total balance.
The design will not change depending on the configuration.

イメージ画像The disk circumference is machined with the eye-catching letters "Crossover Racing Gear", which represent the CRAG brand.
In addition, the ring that connects the design ring with the mesh spokes is designed to blend the two designs and enhance the strength.

イメージ画像The outer rim flange features a beadlock ring-style design, also seen on the T-GRABIC.
The CKV is designed for compact cars and K-cars, and the flange is not too rugged to maintain the appearance of a car.

イメージ画像The outer rim flange is accented with dimples that are reminiscent of a beadlock ring and give the wheel an off-road look.

イメージ画像Square windows are placed to penetrate the design ring.

This window makes it easy to pump air into a tire combining the functionality with the design.

イメージ画像The CRAG CKV exclusive center cap is designed with a racy center lock style in gloss black to give a sense of unity around the center. 






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